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We can manage any project of any size, in any phase and tailor our approach as each project and client is unique.

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The team love what we do, we’re solution-focussed and pride ourselves on the value and quality of our work.



Working with energy, passion and integrity, our team value relationships above all else and ensure there are no surprises for our clients.


Our diverse abilities and inclusive team allow us to challenge the norm; we constantly look for opportunities for innovation and see every problem as an opportunity for a creative solution.

A reputation built on excellence

Our reputation is built upon a track record of working with our clients to deliver reliable project management services that exceed expectations and drive innovative solutions in Northland.

Hoskin Civil is different, we just are; our team is handpicked to reflect our pride in what we do. All Northlanders, we genuinely get excited about developing our beautiful region and the benefits that this gives to our local communities.

We integrate ourselves into our client organisations to ensure we get full exposure to their systems, processes and all the various people and departments that may need input into our projects. This immersive and inclusive nature allows us to truly understand their needs and tailor our services to deliver on all expectations.

Our relationship with Northland contractors sets us apart in the world of project management. We provide a unique link between our clients and their contractors that they don’t get anywhere else. Our experience in the contracting world means we often have existing relationships and a strong foundation of mutual respect. We understand contractors’ challenges and talk their language, and they trust us to pave the way for them to focus on building a quality product.

We genuinely understand and care about the needs and challenges for both our clients and our contractors. We work with everyone on the project team, at every level, to solve problems and ensure a project has the best outcome possible. We demonstrate this on every project we do and our clients know they can trust us every time.

Featured Partners


SH10 Waipapa Corridor Improvements, $24.5m

The new roundabout is designed to make the intersection of SH10 and Waipapa Road much safer while improving peak time congestion and slowing the traffic through Waipapa town centre.

The project required extensive consultation and coordination between funding agencies and local business owners. Hoskin Civil worked with an integrated team from the early stages to help facilitate risk management and develop an innovative approach to project objectives.



This $20.7m PGF funded project will widen and seal and provide safety improvements on three strategic roads in the Far North District; Ruapekapeka Road (4.7km), Peria Road (6.3km) and Ngapipito Road (5km). In addition to sealing, drainage, bridge and intersection improvements will improve safety and make the routes fit for purpose for all drivers at all times.


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