Who we are

Whether you need project concept, project delivery or

asset management, our team delivers a tailored service

to meet your needs.

Hoskin Civil is a project management consultancy that focuses on having the right team of people.

Each and every person is handpicked for their solution-focused, driven nature and integrity to ensure our clients get a consistent service they can trust. Through this approach, we have established a multidisciplinary team with core skills in project feasibility, project delivery, asset management, consultation, procurement, pavement design and MSQA. No matter what your project needs, we can help you. 

With a relationship-focused management style, we get all parties moving in the same direction to deliver the project outcomes; when you get the people management right, the project management follows.

Every person is backed by a large and experienced team that they can draw from at any time. This ensures our clients always have the very best we can offer. 

The majority of our team have a contracting background, which means we understand contractors’ challenges and motivators and we talk their language. We have a strong relationship with contractors because of this and it really sets us apart in the world of project management; we work with the contractor to achieve superior outcomes.


Starting a new project?

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