Kevin Hoskin

Managing Director

Kevin is an experienced industry professional, providing project management for clients including NZTA and FNDC. His core skills range from asset management, project scoping and pricing works to managing a delivery team as Principal on large scale construction projects. With a background in contract management on construction and maintenance contracts, Kevin talks the contractor’s language and builds effective relationships to get the best result for the project.

What sets Kevin apart is his management style; he identifies potential issues a project may face and directly manages them early to avoid impact on project delivery. His even temperament allows him to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and diffuse situations that may otherwise escalate. Kevin’s exceptional and inclusive people management skills ensure he has a cohesive team working for the same outcomes.

Most recently, Kevin has been NZTA’s Project Manager for the $24.5m SH10 Waipapa Corridor Improvements project. This ECI project has been partly funded by the PGF and has required extensive liaison with FNDC. In addition, Kevin is FNDC’s Project Manager on the $20.7m PGF funded Strategic Roads package for seal extensions and intersection improvements on Ruapekapeka Road, Peria Road and Ngapipito Road.

Kevin looks for opportunities for innovation and mentoring; he is particularly passionate about getting young people into the industry and providing training to set them up for a successful career.

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