Jody Kelly

Project Manager

As a project and programme manager, Jody is a strategic thinker; she thrives on implementing ‘big picture’ overall outcomes, yet remains focussed towards the task at hand. She excels at bringing people together and is an inclusive and constructive communicator.  She thrives in community groups, including Māori, embracing the principles of partnership, participation and protection.

Most recently Jody has been working with Kaipara District Council to manage the $4m Kaihu Valley Trail from PGF funding, through the funding application, consultation, planning and design phase, and will follow it through to construction. Jody has also provided programme management for the Kaipara KickStart Wharves projects, externally funded through PGF including consultation, planning, business case submission, design, procurement and delivery for upgrades at Dargaville and Pahi Wharf, a new wharf for Pouto and the investigation of Marae Beach Landings.

In addition to managing projects, Jody is a tutor for the Diploma in Civil Engineering at NorthTec in Whangarei, and is currently teaching the Engineering Management paper. Passionate about teaching students how real-life projects work, Jody also supports the full-time tutors by providing real-life projects as case studies. She is able to bring her classroom to life through her current projects and is able to link students with projects and Project Managers for them to gain hands-on experience.