Omanaia Water Treatment Plant, $3.1m

Key Achievements 

  • Construction and commissioning of a new water treatment plant
  • 500m3 raw water tank and 300m3 storage capacity tank farm
  • Partly funded by the Ministry of Health Drinking Water Subsidy, with specific reporting and claim requirements.

The Details

For many years the community of Omanaia were receiving water from the untreated watermain en-route to the township of Rawene where it was then treated and supplied to the residents of Rawene. A new water treatment plant has now been built in Omanaia at the source of the supply, which supplies treated water to the residents of both communities.

The new water treatment plant has been built beside the Petaka Stream. Water from the stream will be stored in the new 500m3 Raw Water Tank, where it is piped to the new Water Treatment Plant and the treated water is piped to the new Treated Water ‘Tank Farm’ with a storage capacity of 300m3. Treated water is then supplied to both the Omanaia and Rawene communities.

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